Emergency KiOSK's and Panic

We use the best network available to connect your emergency push button users with instant live support over the Verizon Wireless network.

Elevator Emergency Call Button

Wireless connectivity is better technology and provides proven crystal clear connections.  On time, every-time.

General Specifications

  • Power Input - 12vDC

  • Power Consumption - Max 2a

  • Wireless Technology - Verizon 3G

  • Protocols - Embedded UDP/TP, TCPIP and HTTP

  • Packet Data - Class B, CS1-CS4., PBCCH/PCCCH

  • Interface - One (1) RJ11, FXS

  • Programming Interface - RS232, Mini-USB

  • Impedance - 600 ohm

  • Open Circuit Voltage - 48v

  • Line Power  - 30-48v

  • Loop Resistance - 2000ohm (Max)

  • Size - 118(L) x 64(W) x 20(H) mm

  • Connector Type - RJ11, Mini USB, DC Barrel

Elevator and Kiosk adapter

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Automated Gates, Intercom Systems and Access Controlled Doors

The average customer of ours saves on average a $1,000 per year by replacing the old telephone lines with low cost wireless data plans from Verizon Wireless.

Replace Old Telephone Lines With Verizon Wireless 

Monitor what matters



  • Replace Phone Line with Verizon
  • Universal Panic Button Connectivity
  • Universal Home Health Dialer
  • Real Time Emergency Access
  • Low Power
  • Plug and Play Technology​
  • Private Secure Networking
  • Alarm System Ready