Common questions

Technical Questions

  • How to update the firmware on my MS121a?  
  • How do I remote access my MS121a deployed in the field?
    • Call (877) 262-6539 Option 2
  • How do I change the heartbeat on my MS121a?
    • Call (877) 262-6539 Option 2
  • How do I change to a different monitoring node?
  • Does your product provide dialtone?
    • Yes, our MG1k, MS130 and MS122 prodive dialtone.

General Questions

  • How do I start my service?
    • Call (877) 262-6539 Option 2 and we will get you started!
  • How do i change the facility address?
    • Call (877) 262-6539 option 2
  • What is CONTACT ID?  We have Outlined it below, enjoy!
  • How do I test my WIAA?
    • The best way to see if your equipment was installed correctly is to call (877) 262-6539 and speak with our Customer Service Team!
  • Is the WIAA accepted in my area? 
    • Yes, the Wireless Industrial Alarm Adapter is compliant with the NFPA 72 2016, UL 864 and State Fire Marshal Nationwide.
  • Can i connect my fax machine to this wireless adapter?
    • In most cases no.  These are dedicated Life Safetry connections and are regulated by the State fire Marshals Office.  Contact your local AHJ to see what is available in your area.

Billing Questions

  • I need to change my billing address
    • Call (877) 262-6539 option 2
  • I would like to set up auto pay
  • I have a question about my bill
    • Call (877) 262-6539 option 2

Installation questions

  • I cant find the AUX power terminal on my FACP
    • All standard FACP's have a user manual with Wiring Diagram.  Check the manufacturer website.
  • I cant find the telco lines connecting the FACP
    • You may want to start at the Telco or Internet room.  This is the location where all the building phone lines (Bed of Nails)
  • Should I notify the Central Station and/or Monitoring Company?
    • Yes.  You should have the customer account number, the Central Station phone number and the Central Station Receiver Number (Primary and Supplementary) toll free numbers.  Be prepared with the correct credentials and request a service testing status on this FACP while your working on the equipment.

​​​support documentation

  • Wireless Industrial Alarm Adapter (MS121a) - Product Flyer
  • Emergency Call Box (MS130) - Product Flyer
    • Emergency Call Box (MS131) - Solution Overview
    • Emergency Call Box (MS131) - Quick Start Guide
    • Emergency Call Box (MS131v1) - User Manual
    • Emergency Call Box (MS131v1) - User Manual
  • VoLTE Gateway Adapter (MG1000) - Product Flyer
    • VoLTE Gateway Adapter (MG1000) - Solution Overview
    • VoLTE Gateway Adapter (MG1000) - Quick Start Guide
    • VoLTE Gateway Adapter (MG1000) - User Manual

helpful Downloads

Sinapsium Virtual Monitoring Center (VMC)


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