Question:  How do I set up my new sinapsium account?

Answer: Thank you for choosing Infatrac and Sinapsium.  To get started, please register your device by clicking here.

Question:  Do i need one wireless adapter for my two line Fire Alarm Control Panel?

Answer: You will need two wireless adapters for all two line commercial Fire Alarm Control Panels.

Question: Should I change my RJ31x old surface mount adapter when installing the Infatrac product?

Answer:  We always recommend updating old out dated equipment like a RJ31x Biscuit.  Click here to view the options available.

Question: Should I notify my current monitoring company of the new wireless devices I purchased?

Answer: Yes, Its always good to notify the monitoring center that you are installing new communication lines to the life safety equipment being monitored.  In most cases, the switch over is simple, easy and without issue, however, having the Monitoring Company ready to reprogram panels may be required.  This is completed by the local Monitoring Company or Fire Safety Professional.

Question:  How do i update the firmware on my device?

Answer:  You can update your device by visiting our support page on this website.  Click here to be directed to the page.

Question:  How secure is the Infatrac products?

Answer:  We utilize the highest level of security available today.  Our equipment is a dedicated IoT endpoint, secured with encryption, passwords and authentication procedures.  Private Networking, Private Cloud Services and PIN code support.  Infatrac offers the very best, most reliable and most secure technology available on the market.

Question: Can I use one wireless adapter to support two phone lines on my Fire Panel?

Answer: Depending on your local AHJ, you may be allowed to utilize one Infatrac device to support both the primary and supplementary line of a traditional Fire/Burglary Alarm Control Panel, or Elevators.  It is recommended connecting two Verizon adapters to connect each of the panels two lines.

Question: When does my billing start?

Answer: Your billing begins on the day your EULA is signed and executed.

Question: What type of field support do you have for issues with the wireless adapters?

Answer: We offer several resources available to support our customers.  The most common way is our self help forum, email or phone call to our support team.  If your equipment was installed by a professional, we recommend utilizing the same vendor for this task.  If we installed the equipment, we offer a 90 day workmanship warranty free of charge.  Service Calls past the 90 day workmanship warranty, a service fee will apply.  This varies in cost and is specific to the issue being resolved.

Question: Do you offer a demo program?

Answer:  Yes, we offer a demo program and a pilot program.

Question:  Do i need to pay monthly or can i pay for a year in advance?

Answer:  Yes, we can change your billing plan to annual billing.

Question:  How do i change the emergency notification mobile number on my wireless adapter?

Answer:  Using the Sinapsium Virtual Monitoring Dashboard, you can utilize the remote control feature to change the mobile number.

Question:  How do i access the GUI of the Infatrac devices?

Answer:  You will require access to a Windows Machine, Hyper-Terminal and Instructions/guidance from our tech support team.  Call us now!

Question:  Can i changed my Verizon adapter to AT&T or Sprint?

Answer: No

Question:  I have a question about my recent invoice, who do i contact?

Answer:  Please call us at (877) 262-6539 option 2 or email us at

Question: How difficult is the equipment to install?  Is it something I can do?

Answer: Yes, it is simple to install however, we recommend using our Professional Services team.

Question:  Whats a Mesh Network and how is it different than Cellular?

Answer:  Mesh network Alarm Systems were a sinple way to reduce costs by reducing the number of live connections to the life safety equipment.  Allowing several panels connect to one another but use one single common Line (Sole Path) to the Central Station.

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